The Advantages


1. Our consultants combined experience of TQTc study design, analysis, reporting and regulatory submissions is unequalled within the cardiac safety sector.

2.  Our consultants have many years of experience from clinical cardiology, clinical drug development, drug safety and regulatory experience, which we believe make us different from other recognised consultants who are part of core lab services. Hence our scientific approach enables us to be more cost effective but yet still achieve your compounds clinical research objectives.

3.  Our consultants are truly independent and are not associated with a phase 1 unit, core ECG lab or CRO and hence our advice is therefore not driven by conflicting business objectives.  

4.  Our consultants have held representative positions on various advisory committees to help generate regulatory cardiac safety guidelines.  Professor Darpo is on the ICH E14 Expert Working Group and is currently topic leader for EFPIA.

5.  Our lead consultants are based in Europe and are therefore able to operate in the same time zone making it easier to support your studies.

6. Our consultants are globally recognised as leading experts and are therefore able to provide regulatory advice and study support in USA and Japan.

7. Our expertise enables us to provide a seamless integrated full service consultation across the translational medicine spectrum.